Kitsap Bank welcomes you to the

Kitsap Fair & Stampede

August 25-29, 2021

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Greetings from the Board of the Kitsap Fair and Stampede Association!


While 2020 did not end up being the year we all hoped for, the Kitsap Fair and Stampede Association is positioned to do great things in the future.  We believe we are all a part of something that can have an immensely positive impact on this community for years to come. We want you all to know that we really believe in this organization and our purpose. Our local fair and rodeo represents the heart of this community. It’s an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate each other and our heritage. From the wide-eyed kids, to the carnival, the livestock, the blue ribbons, banners, and buckles, the fair and rodeo allows all of us to set aside the anxieties of the modern world and, for a few days each year, touch base with those rural values that shaped who we are today. Collectively, some of the best memories of our board members come from fairs. We grew up showing animals, attending the rodeo, riding the carnival rides, and eating our favorite fair foods. Walking through the fairgrounds immediately takes us back to those memories. The nostalgia is palpable. It grounds us. And we know that we are not alone in those experiences.


We know that there are many people who count on participating in the fair and rodeo every year as part of their culture, their history, and their livelihood. That is a significant responsibility that we take seriously. For these reasons, and many more, as an organization we recognize that we have an obligation to you, our community, and we pledge to continue to work hard towards the success of the Kitsap Fair and Stampede.


We are grateful for all of you and for your commitment and support of the Kitsap Fair and Rodeo. We are moving forward with optimism and look forward to welcoming you back. We’ll see you soon!


Ken Bagwell, President

Kitsap Fair & Stampede Association

Fun things to see and do during the Kitsap Fair and Rodeo.

Fun things to see and do during the Kitsap Fair and Rodeo.

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