FREE Concert

Saturday, August 28, 7:00 pm

   Brought to you by your local Geico office

Mark Wills has captivated fans and listeners for over two decades. He achieved his first top-charting success

at the young age of 23, and has maintained longevity in the music business that many artists can only dream of. His mission is to create country music filled with depth and meaningful substance to create lasting memories through the words.

Mark has released seven albums including a patriotic album in 2001, Looking for America. As an avid supporter of the US Military, he has made more than a dozen trips to entertain our troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Korea and Italy, among others.

Listen to some of Mark's well-known songs:

     I Do (Cherish You)

     19 Somethin'

     Jacob's Ladder


Freestyle Motocross, Best Back Flip Challenge, Extreme Tuff Truck Challenge, and More

Sunday, August 29, 1:00 pm

   Brought to you by T-Mobile

High flips, dangerous stunts, and big, loud trucks.  See it all at this fun non-stop event.

Event Pricing

     General Admission:  $15.00

     Kids (ages 6-12), Seniors, & Military:  $10.00


The Tuff Truck competition is open to ALL.  Want to see how tough your truck is? Enter today.  

      Tough Truck Prizes

             1st Place - $1000.00               2nd Place - $750.00             3rd Place - $500.00                

             4th Place - $350.00               5th Place - $250.00              6th Place - $100.00

      SxS Prize

              1st Place - $500.00               2nd Place - $350.00             3rd Place - $200.00                

              4th Place - $100.00               (Entry fee is $20 in advance or $30 at the gate)

      Both Classes Prizes

             Biggest Air - $75.00               Had to Hurt - $75.00             Crowd Favorite -  $75.00

tmobile pref.png

Crazy Contests from Freddie Prez

Come participate in Freddie's physical attractions and contests--different attractions each day.  These memorable games even bring possible big prizes!


Try your hand at the Toilet Plunger Bowling, the Great Toilet Paper Blowout, the Launching Lunacy Show, the Football Catch and Dash, Crank It Pop It, the Golden Years Music Game, Kid's Cash Scramble, Bingo Bingo, Can You Karaoke, the Rocket Rama Catch, or the Fidget Spinner Contest.  

Watch a contestant miss winning $10,000 by a hair!

Who knows, YOU may be the big winner.




A variety of optical oddities that lets you experience the mystery of human perception, giving the whole family a show they will be talking about for a long time to come. Optical Illusions fascinate everyone, and this act is certain to catch your eye and take your senses for a ride. 

See a sneak peek here!

The Kitsap Fair has a proud tradition of showcasing local talent: dancers, singers, comedians, &

more. If you or your group is interested in performing during the Fair, submit an application today.

Please direct questions to Cindy McKay at cmckay_kitsapfair@outlook.com.cmckay_kitsapfair@outlook.com